Solar Electrical

Specialists in devising solar solutions for both homes and businesses, Emerald Electrical works with you to control energy consumption and reduce electricity costs.

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Our Solar Electrical Services

Our team will review your current energy use, including when demand is at its greatest, as well as the space you have available to install solar panels. We can then determine what size and type of solar energy system will best meet your energy needs, both now and in the future, and design a system that provides you with the maximum return on your investment. Our experienced solar electricians can also install a home battery storage system that enables you to store energy produced by your solar system and then use it when required.

  • Solar energy system design
  • Solar panel alignment and installation
  • Home battery storage systems
  • All electrical and wiring installation
  • Access to Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme and South Australia Home Battery Scheme

What services do our solar electricians provide?

We can take care of every aspect for you, from designing a solar energy system, to supplying the panels and inverter, right through to the installation and commissioning of your system. Our energy efficient, cost-effective solar solutions for homes and commercial properties give you greater control over your energy use and costs, and when combined with a battery storage system, enable you to access your own energy source when you need it most.

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What our clients say about Emerald

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"The team at Emerald were amazing!"

"Prompt service with a lot of knowledge. Ben was very helpful in suggestions on installing our downlighting and feature lights in our house. Very friendly, professional and very clean working!"

Ben Hatcliffe
Adelaide, SA
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